Existing alternative energy sources.

Free Radiant Energy

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Устройство свободной энергии dynatron по следам Donald L. Smith.

Kacher Brovina + Tesla Coil efficiency = 600%

Radiant Energy - Cold Electric Radiant current.

Russian and Ukrainian engineers, scientists have made ​​a series of discoveries that can transform the entire world economy. Now it is 90% focused on the consumption of hydrocarbons such as oil, gas and coal. Introduction of Russian know-how radically change the entire energy infrastructure and society as a whole.

"When suddenly opens and experimentally confirmed the great truth that the planet with all its terrifying immensity of electric charges, in fact hardly more than a small metal ball, and when this will be followed by extensive opportunities, each of which is striking and has innumerable applications that will be fully utilized; when it adopted the fore, and it will show that a telegraphic message, almost as secret and not intercepted, as thought, and can be transferred to any distance; when the sound of the human voice, with all its intonations and expression, accurately and instantly be played back at any point on the globe; when the energy of falling water will be available to provide light, heat and motion everywhere - at sea, on land, or high in the air - humanity will be like an anthill razvoroshenny all come up in the excitement! "

Nikola Tesla, 1904

Hundred years we have taken away the information and fed with oil, but the time has come ...

Инструкция прилагается! Как повторить это устройство, которое при потреблении порядка 16 Ватт раскручивает почти киловаттный мотор.

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POWER OFF impulse, the motor-generator Kanarev

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Pulse energy of the future. Download the report format. doc

An energy source - the motor-generator

Electric power generators - longstanding invention of mankind. They - the main sources of electrical energy. To ensure that they generate electricity, it needs a primary source, whose role is often performs water or steam. There are generators, electric motors that rotate consuming energy from the electric grid. Moreover, as usual, electric generator rotor rotates, the stator produces electricity. Old laws of electrodynamics prohibit the existence of such a generator, the rotor of which would activate the electric grid and the stator would work out electrical energy or vice versa, the stator would activate the power grid, and the rotor would work out electricity. New laws of electrodynamics, on the contrary, show how to make such a generator, and it was done (photo). Terms of Reference for its production, we developed proved to be surprisingly simple, and it has been successfully implemented talented Russian engineer SB Zatsarininym.

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A new generation of wind turbines.

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A new generation of wind turbines.

New natural forms of high-performance wind turbines.

  • Works in a wide range of wind speeds 0.3-20 m / s
  • High conversion of wind energy
  • Wide range of capacities from 500 to 10 000 W
  • Does not require high mast
  • BEy not create a new type of noise and can be installed close to the place of business or residence rights.

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Heating. Heat pump. Induction heater.

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Автономное отопление - промышленный тепловой насос. Demonstration of commercially available pump or generator Frenette Potapov or vortex generator Schauberger, who as appropriate. Developers themselves call it: Heat hydrodynamic pump and ensure efficiency of from 300 to 700 percent. These devices are manufactured and supplied by "Heat of the XXI century". According to the company, it exports its products to many countries, including Japan.

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Synthetic gasoline - have learned to get out of the garbage.

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Синтетический бензин из мусора.
Preparation of hydrocarbon fuel without oil!

Russian engineers have created an installation that turns trash into gasoline. The device can produce up to 200 liters of fuel per hour!

Cost of the resulting fuel - 4 cents per liter. Even electricity is only needed when you start, continue the installation itself provides power for this in its composition have unit energy.

Installation allows settings for more heavy fuel in the form of a solarium, kerosene. If you want to get other items as alcohol, acetone, also carried out minor readjustment. More »

Gravity engine (power multiplier) MF Dmitrieva

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1000-watt input
3000 watt output

This unit is considered to be a power amplifier. In such a simple configuration samozapitka not provided.
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Free source of electricity - with their hands.

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rotoverter Russian version Rotoverter or "motor Uncle Vanya."
How easy, fast, available parts, cheap, in any town or village, not having sufficient knowledge to make source of free energy. Video for beginners.

Copyright A.Sedoy
Email: prima-na@ya.ru
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Brown's gas generator (HHO)

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Генераторы газа брауна, HHO, водород.

Principle of operation and purpose

Combustion of fuel in internal combustion engines does not occur efficiently. In the best case, the engine of the car burns fuel only 40% and the other 60% - burning down in the exhaust pipe.

Brown's gas generator (this gas is called: oxyhydrogen, brown gas, HHO gas, water gas, hydrogen, di-hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, green gas, Klein gas oksigidrogen) is designed to produce gas that is used to intensify the process of combustion in engines Internal combustion. Due to the intensification of combustion phenomena achieved significant fuel economy and increase engine power. Another advantage of this system is to reduce engine emissions, improves the environment.

Fuel economy comes from the combustion of gasoline for the best. Typically, only about 15% of the available fuel energy is transformed into mechanical energy in an internal combustion engine. Brown Supplement gas leads to better fuel combustion and allows you to extract the available energy from gasoline, converted into mechanical energy, which does not violate the laws of thermodynamics.

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Charge-recovery batteries radiant energy.

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радиантный зарядник АКБ
In recent years considerable popularity received inventor John Bedini (USA) - namely, the invention in its preparation free energy (also called free energy of the radiant energy, negative energy from the vacuum energy). His activity began with the development of audio amplifiers, eventually launched its first sale battery chargers on the principle of Tesla.

These chargers have amazing properties: they increase battery capacity 2.5 times and reduced to 70% of non-working batteries charged in the traditional way. John Bedini claims that now these batteries are charged radiant energy and the subsequent charging their power will only grow, and internal plates will be cleared. Heating at no charge.

"Nikola Tesla - John Bedini - ether Energy - Radiant Energy - Zero Point Energy"

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Resonant minimizer electricity.

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MIM - Universal automatic energy-saving device.

Production and innovation center inventive support (PRINCIPLE) - production of inventions from idea to production. Currently principle promotes the latest development: "minimizer Power."
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Innovative new energy projects.

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Company LLC " Faraday "works in the field of new technologies since 2001. Within 5 years published Russian-English magazine "New Energy", thanks to which today have contacts with developers in the field of alternative energy in many countries. Currently, the company supplies equipment for power supply, provides services for the development of design documentation, translation of technical documentation from English, conducted their own search research and development.


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Familiarization with the Alternative Energy Devices.

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Basics of "Free Energy":

Practical guide to free energy devices Part 1 Part 2

We assume that you have never before heard of free energy, and we would like to show you a sketch of what it is about, so let's start from the beginning.

We tend to think that people who lived long ago, were not as smart as we are - in the end, we have television, computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, airplanes. But, and this is a big "but", the reason why they did not have these things, is that science has not progressed far enough to become possible. This does not mean that the people who lived before us were smarter than us.
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DP Verano

Without fuel generator
belongs to the class of

"Fuel-free self-healing battery charger in the momentum jog"

a high-quality and complete replacement of the wind turbine and solar panels with the main advantage-

No more depending on wind and weather conditions

1.VERTIKALNY INERTIA ELECTRIC GENERATOR Adams uses memory during the rotation principle close to the principle of Adams and Bedini based synchronous generator inertia, self-assembly

VEGA (INERTIA VERTICAL ELECTRIC GENERATOR ADAMS) is used based on a synchronous generator silent, made in Ukraine to 200 ob/min/220V/50Gts, efficiency of 91% - is recommended for use in all conditions and premises

VERTICAL ELECTRIC GENERATOR Adams - the principle of the synchronous generator is based on the shot generator pulses received from the electromagnetic coil mounted outside the generator (electromagnetic coil completely replaced the wings). Electromagnetic coil is replacing wings that rotate in the wind generator.
Electricity as in the case of wind turbines, and using VEGA consumer receives a synchronous generator ONLY AFTER THE COMPTROLLER and CRA


  • compactness of the system, the ability to set out on the balcony of a city apartment in the basement, in any room of the yacht
  • launch of the system takes place automatically counterclockwise
  • slow synchronous generator with slot location has sufficient inertia magnets for generator efficiency Adams at 91% at the outlet of the generator - 220V 50Hz sine waves
  • applying stimulation to the synchronous generator Burdine possible to reduce the coefficient of the subsequent stimulation of up to 1% of the rated power of the generator for 91% output efficiency
  • not depending on climatic conditions
  • possible to combine several generators for summing output
  • no need to install the mast and mounting wings, there is no need to make hectares of land with solar panels
  • able to use in heating

Resonant generator and an energy converter

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RESONANCE ENERGY GENERATOR - A WAY TO USE inexhaustible source of energy!

Allows you to:

  • - Obtained from 220 Volt single phase - 220/380 volt three phase
  • -Ensure the multiplication of electric power up to 3 times,
  • -Significantly reduce energy consumption,
  • - To reduce the payment for electricity consumed,
  • - To provide electricity supply via a cable with a smaller cross section (without overheating the insulation)
  • - Avoids deep drawdown voltage on the power supply to remote customers (water wells, electric mining shovels, construction sites, etc.)
  • -Maximize the capacity of autonomous diesel and gasoline generators (autonomous power houses, service stations, marine electrical, electricity geological parties, sites, exploration drilling installations, industrial facilities, etc.)
  • -To ensure the operation of heat pumps of various designs, air conditioners, freezers and cold rooms, with a sharp decrease current consumption of the network,
  • - Save the hydrocarbon fuel (petrol, diesel, gas) for electricity production (any generiruschie power - power generators, gas generators, gas and diesel generators)

Resonant converter ENERGY

Allows you to:

  • - Reduce the active power consumption of the network, with constant characteristics of the consumer, until 80%
  • - Ensure the physical feasibility of energy of any objects that consume electrical energy,
  • - Significantly reduce energy consumption,
  • - To reduce the payment for electricity consumption (active and reactive power)
  • - Provide a power supply cable with a smaller cross section,
  • - Avoid deep drawdown voltage on the power supply to remote customers,
  • - Reduce the load on power transformers (with a decrease in the consumption of reactive power consumption is reduced power)
  • - To provide power to the load on the cable with a smaller cross section (without overheating the insulation)
  • - Due to partial discharge current of power transformers and power supply cables to connect additional load
  • - Avoids deep drawdown voltage on the power supply to remote customers (water wells, electric mining shovels, construction sites, etc.)
  • - To ensure the operation of heat pumps of various designs, air conditioners, freezers and cold rooms (decrease inrush currents, phase alignment, active power consumption savings of up to 20 to 40%)
  • - Save the hydrocarbon fuel (petrol, diesel, gas) for electricity production (any generiruschie power - power generators, gas generators, gas and diesel generators)
  • - Eliminate phase imbalance.

Completed projects (for the period from 1995 to 2009 was implemented more than 40 projects.)

Demonstration of work (Video)

Samozapitke power generator (HHO fuel)

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Generator modified to use Brown's gas (HHO) in kachetve fuel. Gas is taken from the water by electrolysis. Under load, the generator produces more electricity than it consumes.

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Gas welding electrolyzer LEAGUE - Hydrogen welding machine

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Газосварочный электролизёр Лига 02
Gas welding equipment new generation running on water electrolysers LEAGUE

Electrochemical separation of water to the mixture of gases (hydrogen and oxygen) ever relieve you from the difficulties associated with the acquisition of oxygen and acetylene. The flame temperature is about 2600 º C, which provides welding, brazing and cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 4.5 mm thick.

Cost gas welding when applying electrolysis installations "League" is reduced 45 times compared to conventional gas welding using a bulky gas cylinders. (C) JSC "Basil Electromechanical Plant".

Apparatus League-12 compact, portable, powered by household 220 V. At low power consumption of 1.8 kW allows welding and cutting steel and non-ferrous metals up to 2 mm. Pure flame temperature can be easily adjusted from 600 ° C to 2600oS. This unit is well-established jewelers, dentists and refrigeration repairmen. Technological capabilities of the device League-12 - a record with a low weight (12 kg.) And low power consumption (1.8 kW). It produces per 1 hour about 330 liters of the gas mixture thus consuming 150 mL of distilled water.

League-31 machine allows cut and welded steel and non-ferrous metals up to a wall thickness of 3 mm. He found employment at auto service stations, where the use of cylinders with explosive gases (propane, oxygen) can cause serious consequences. The device is very handy when surfacing and brazing ferrous and nonferrous metals.

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